Boost your Metabolism

Boost your Metabolism

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Your metabolism or Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR) is the amount of energy you expend while at rest. It is influenced by genetics, which cant be changed. But its also effected by overall body functioning, such as muscle tone, hormonal balance, nervous system and digestive function. Building muscle, maintaining adequate rest and nervous system support, staying active and increasing the quality of food you eat can all increase your BMR.

4 top metabolism tips

  1. Maintain muscle mass. Muscle burns kilojoules at rest; fat does not. Muscle is eight times more metabolically demanding than fat cells. “The BMR of well-muscled people is like a raging inferno,” says Sydney-based exercise physiologist and personal trainer Carl Matthews.
  2. Manage stress. Long term stress can deplete body systems and lower BMR. If you are unwell or stressed, make sure you are getting 8 hour blocks of sleep. Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques can also manage stress which helps your BMR work more efficiently. Yale University researchers found that non-overweight women who are vulnerable to stress are more likely to have excess abdominal fat.
  3. Move your body. Create a routine of regular aerobic exercise, try to aim for at least 30mins every day or every other day. Exercise in the morning and lift your metabolic rate by 10 per cent for the next four hours.
  4. Eat well. The quality of your food is important. High nutrient density ie. vitamin and mineral rich foods have an impact on satiety as well as overall body and metabolic functioning. Choose your foods wisely. Your body works harder to break down the fibre and complex carbohydrates in wholegrains and vegetables than it does to break down refined flours or simple carbs such as sugar.

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