Ella 150 150 Odonata

Mindset and Mood

I feel very self motivated, it is easy for me to set tasks for myself and complete them3
I am comfortable with expressing my anger or frustration4
I can accept and embrace new challenges very easily3
I feel my knowledge and understanding of how to naturally maintain energy and vitality is strong3
I rarely experience anxiety, and if it occasionally arises it quickly dissipates2
I see my mistakes as learning opportunities3
I frequently seek and listen to feedback3
I have a perserverence with difficult tasks3
I like to ask questions to help my learning2
I find I recover easily from stressful events or interactions3
I am comfortable with expressing my fears and personal hurt3
Section Total32


I enjoy participating weekly in gentle movement activity like walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi5
I enjoy participating weekly in vigorous activtites like jogging, team sports, cycling, high energy classes5
I engage in physical activity or body movement for a miniumum of 3x30minutes per week4
I practice multiplanar (side to side, back and forward, rotational) exercise on a weekly basis5
My work duties involve body movement eg. walking around on a daily basis5
My range of movement and flexibility in my body is excellent4
My strength and stability in my body is excellent4
I feel I have maintained a healthy weight range for my height5
I feel quite satisfied with my body image3
My understanding of exercise and its benefits is quite strong4
Section Total44

Nutrition and Hydration

I always feel I am sufficiently hydrated and drinking enough fluids5
My fluid intake daily, not including coffee, tea, soft drinks is 6+ glasses of water/herbal tea5
I frequently use other fluids in my meals/intake eg. soups, stews, smoothies, fresh squeezed juices4
My food intake has a good daily balance of fresh wholefoods eg vegetables, fruits etc.4
I eat takeaway and fast foods 4 or less times per month4
I feel I have sufficient time to prepare my own food at home4
I feel I have a high level of motivation and inspiration to prepare my own food at home4
I eat an average of 3 or more cups of fresh vegetables on a daily basis4
I have regular bowel movements 1-2 times per day and urinary frequency approx. 5-8 times per day4
I feel like my knowledge and understanding of food, hydration and my health is strong4
Section Total42


I always average 7-9 hours uninterrupted sleep per night5
My energy feels sufficient and full throughout the entire day5
My overall health is excellent4
Over the past 30 days I have had no days of feeling sad or depressed3
I have never used medication for my sleep4
I do not use any prescribed medications0
I have never experienced chronic diseases eg. diabetes, heart condition, high blood pressure, asthma, respiratory ailments, cancer, digestive complaints, kidney or liver disorders0
I drink very little (4 or less standard drinks per week) or no alcohol on a weekly basis1
I do not rely on stimulants to keep me going each day eg. sugar, caffeine, nicotine, other4
Section Total26


I have very meaningful connections with my friends, relatives and relationships in my life4
I have a circle of friends/family who love and appreciate me for who I am5
I can let go of relationships that drag me down or damage me4
My social time always has a place in my week4
I tell people how they can satisfy me4
I am highly responsive to returning contact made by friends and family4
I receive enough love from people around me4
I am open to new people and new experiences5
I quickly correct miscommunications and misunderstandings when they do occur4
I live life on my terms not by the rules or preferences of others3
Section Total41

Life Balance

My work place role / study environment have a good amount of time balanced between them4
I consistently have adequate time, space and freedom in my life4
I live in an apartment/home that I love5
I live on a weekly/monthly budget that allows me to save and not suffer4
I am consistently early or easily on time3
My work place role / study environment is very personally satisfying4
My work place role / study environment has a positive and supportive culture5
I feel valued by my workplace associates4
I have a spiritual belief/practice that supports me3
I feel my sense of purpose in each day is quite strong4
Section Total40

Overall Total – 225

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