Healing power of the mind

Healing power of the mind

Healing power of the mind 425 282 Odonata

The mind is not the physical brain, but a formless consciousness that functions to perceive and understand all that is. In knowing this we can allow healing to occur simply by understanding our mind in its different states of consciousness.

States of mind that disturb our inner peace, such as anger, hurt, jealousy, and attachments, are linked to states known as the ‘shadow’ or ‘suffering consciousness’.

We may think that our ‘suffering’ is caused by other people, by poor material conditions, or by society, but in reality it all comes from our own states of mind. The essence of spiritual practices like meditation and healing modalities like hypnohealing (hypnotherapy that combined with energetic healing works on integrating the subconscious ‘shadow self’ or ‘suffering consciousness’ and super-conscious ‘higher self’) is to reduce and eventually to remove this state, and to replace them with inner peace. This is the real meaning of our human life.

The essential point of understanding the mind is that liberation from suffering cannot be found outside the mind. Permanent liberation can be found only by purifying the mind. Therefore, if we want to become free from problems and attain lasting peace and happiness we need to increase our knowledge and understanding of the mind.

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