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holistic approach to health

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classes + workshops available online

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holistic approach to health

The Gift of Wellbeing

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we acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land that we heal on and pay our respects to aboriginal elders both past, present and future

Welcome to Odonata

Our holistic approach to health harnesses; The body’s inherent ability to heal itself, looking beyond the symptoms to the cause, using the most natural & least invasive therapies, offering informed and educated choices, viewing your mind, body and soul as an integrated whole.

Wellbeing Consultation

Our well balanced range of health services are truly integrative, covering support for your mind, body and soul. Not sure where to start, speak to one of our friendly wellbeing consultants to help tailor your sessions to your individual needs.

Healthy Eating

Too busy or tired to think about what you want to make? We make it easy to eat well with our Organic Meal Deliveries. Whether you need help getting healthy food on the table, or if you are following one of our Wellbeing Food Plans, we offer easy access to food that makes you feel great.

Classes, Courses & Workshops

We invite you to join our experienced and friendly teachers in our boutique sized classes, courses and workshops. Hand selected to bring you the very best personalised guidance and resources for your wellbeing, our team are able to meet the needs of all levels of students from beginners through to more experienced.

Latest News

Beautiful skin, strong muscles and bones naturally… 560 420 Odonata

Beautiful skin, strong muscles and bones naturally…

You may have heard about Collagen and its age defying, skin beautifying abilities. Whether in supplements, putting on your skin or injecting it. So whats all the hype about? And…

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Sacred Space 560 420 Odonata

Sacred Space

To create space can mean both ‘within or without’. We can create space in our mind and body through practices in thought, relaxation, creativity, movement, food approaches and more. You…

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Healing power of the mind 425 282 Odonata

Healing power of the mind

The mind is not the physical brain, but a formless consciousness that functions to perceive and understand all that is. In knowing this we can allow healing to occur simply by understanding our…

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