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Our patient focused approach means that your individual health concerns and needs are addressed to support your best health outcomes.

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Ky Bernoth

Renée King

Jackie Harvey

Bronwen Iferd

Jackie Harvey

Maori Healer

GCSS, DLPA, Ngati Porou Ngai Tuhoe

Jackie is a Romiromi (Traditional Maori Healing) Practitioner and exponent of Maori Mahi Toi (Arts + Crafts). She also has a Graduate Certificate in Social Science (Community Services) from University of Western Sydney, Graduate Fellow from the School of Social Entrepreneurs,  Diploma Literary Performing Arts (Maori Composition) at Te Waananga O Raukawa.

She has spent her life learning in various Whare Waananga Schools of Learning; Te Whare Karioi The Travelling Dance Groups, Te Whare Tapere Literary Performing Arts, Maumaia Maori Womens Sacred Arts, Te Whare Tu Taua Maori School of Weaponry and Te Waananga O Raukawa in Otaki New Zealand.

She has spent many years applying traditional Maori practices through the Arts  and Community Services in New Zealand and Australia, and consults and teaches on Traditional Maori Arts and Crafts.

Jackie has found a natural progression for ongoing study in the Whare Waananga of Traditional Maori Philosophies and bodywork because of her early years as a Dancer and Poet; the poetic language style of her Tupuna Ancestors and inspired by having met the Tohunga Papa Hohepa De La Mere.  She uses her experiential working knowledge of the body to support transformation in transition through Romiromi.

Having met world renowned Tohunga Papa Joe, he told Jackie that she was a Healer and he showed her the seed of her Waananga lifes’ work as a physical vision in the palm of her hand.  Whilst Jackie took responsibility for the call of healing on her life, it wasn’t until 2011 that she returned to Romiromi.

Jackie first experience of Romiromi was training in Mau Rakau as a young woman during a Waananga in Whangarei with Manu Korewha…and his words still resonate and give her peace and inspiration today.


Wairua Spirit thank you for the training,
I’m truly grateful to feel the fulfilment of an ancient pathway.

“Ka pinea ki te manawa
Concentrate by working from the heart.”

Papa Joe De La Mere
Papa Joe thank you for affirming me, as a young Māori Woman to walk my predestined pathway.

I’m inspired by the stories of my Ancestors because that’s where we feel humbled by their mana dignity and mauri beauty.

Te Aowera Hapu sub-tribe
I’ll often reflect on whether or not my mahi and training aligns with the tikanga ways and kawa protocols of my people and that has helped me in the Whare Waananga to hold onto what’s true, our cultural values and share with others who want to be useful by doing the work too.

Mum & Dad
for reminding me to always keep my eyes on God.

Renee King

Music and Sound Therapist

B.PubHlth, MCrMusTh, Registered Music Therapist (RMT); Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT); Member of AMTA™ & The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy

Using music and/or sound frequencies Renée works in the moment to intuitively connect with you, allowing the space and support for you to let go and self express in an open, fun and safe sound environment.

She applies various instruments in sessions to produce sound healing frequencies which have a positive influence on your brain waves, body function, emotional state and your spirit, by allowing a synchronising of your system with the external sounds.

Registered as a Music Therapist acknowledged through the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA), AMTA is a member organisation of Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). Renée is recognised as an allied health therapist and has extensive experience working with children, young adults, elderly, people with disabilities and the general population.

A professional musician for over 15 yrs, a songwriter and performer; Renée is also passionate about using her professional music skills to actively support people on their journey to improve and enhance their physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing.

“In my work I see how sound creates connection and heart opening for my clients with themselves and with others. When I create my own sound and music I feel this too. It’s the same kind of feeling I get after spending time with family and friends, or animals, also when I’m out in nature. I receive a feeling of love, warmth, happiness and joy. The universal power of sound and music creates this beautiful connection and heartfelt healing.”

Ky Bernoth

Naturopath & Massage Therapist

BA Hlth Sc. Nat, Dip. RM, Cert IV Fitness, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Lvl 1 Swim & Tri Coaching, ATMS

Ky’s holistic approach to your wellbeing is achieved utilising Naturopathic holistic assessment which searches for the cause not just your symptoms. With a strong foundation in nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, functional testing, iridology, hair mineral analysis, massage therapy, lifestyle and fitness coaching. Her favourite phrase is “I help people sort through and simplify their health concerns, resourcing their own innate ability to heal and be well”.

She is able to assist many health concerns including – nutritional balancing, weight management, immune health and autoimmune conditions, thyroid and diabetes concerns, cancer support, heart and circulatory conditions, heavy metal and chemical detoxing, liver and gut supportive approaches including digestive upsets, candida imbalances and irritable bowel, mental health support, skin concerns, fertility management, childrens health and more.

Drawn into the natural therapies & health industry over 20 years ago, Ky’s background in coaching and competing in Multi sports and Strength training married with her keen interest in eating and living well gave her the drive to complete a BA Health Science – Naturopathy and Remedial Massage with UWS to expand her knowledge and practice.

Her passion for educating about health extends into lecturing and teaching – she has taught across Naturopathy, Nutrition, Massage and Myotherapy at Torrens University, Endeavour College and Western Sydney University. Completing a post graduate degree with Distinction average in Evidence Based Complementary Medicine with University of Tasmania, Ky has valuable knowledge in herb, nutrient and drug interactions.

She established Odonata Wellbeing Centre in 2009 with a combined team vision to offer you a truly integrative team who are able to comprehensively support your holistic health journey. Ky regularly facilitates workshops, outdoor events & retreats see – Workshops – for more information.

Bronwen Iferd

Transpersonal Art & Sandplay Therapist, Accredited Shamanic & Romi Romi Practitioner

IICT Member with BMS Professional insurance

With many years experience working in mental health support, and strong foundations of trauma informed care; Bronwen weaves her hands on experience with her complementary therapies into your session.

She has a deep appreciation of everyone’s innate ability to reconnect with themselves in new explorative ways, and that each person has their own unique set of needs. Your session with Bronwen is an opportunity to traverse a path which offers an alternative to the mainstream therapeutic approaches of modern day psychology.

It is a path which invites your innate creative voice and expression as a guide for discerning your inner knowledge, understanding and growth. By working with where you are at and establishing trust and safety, the space is created for you to express, move through and integrate emotions, experiences or life’s stressors.

Bronwen’s great passion is providing the space and therapeutic exchange for you to heal and move forward in your life in ways that feel truthful and meaningful. These modalities are universal and benefits all ages, children through to adults.

The values Bronwen holds when working alongside you are based on the following:

  • Art as Alchemy,
  • Expression as Equilibrium,
  • Sparks that which invokes Spirit,
  • And Walking one’s truest Nature

“We are inherently creative beings and our innate language is symbolic beyond written words and language. By working with images & symbols through Art Therapy & Sandplay, we allow a connection to deep inner knowing. Accessing this is key to bypassing the ego and our defences to effectively access deeper areas of the psyche for positive, effective change.”


Robert Boyle – Teacher of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Psychodrama & Shadow work
Kellie Miles – Teacher and Practitioner of Transpersonal Art Therapy and Sandplay
In loving memory, Margaret M. Garvan – Teacher and Mentor Sandplay Therapy Training Australia
Beata Alfoldi – Teacher and Practitioner of Shamanic Arts
Gabriela Ming – Shamanic Mentor
Jackie Harvey – Māori Healer teacher and spiritual Mentor

Bronwen’s own ancestral lineage and those who have come before her.
The land and traditional custodians of the lands that she works and lives on, and pay respect to the elders, past, present and emerging.

John Micallef

Ayurvedic & Craniosacral Practitioner

Diploma of Ayurvedic Life Consult, Certificate Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Master of Angelic Healing, Certificate Vedic Chakra Balancing

As a practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Johns primary approach is to help identify the root cause of your health concerns by diagnosing and treating disease through diet, lifestyle, environment and mental processing.

John is trained in Ayurvedic body therapies and herbal formulations that support your body and mind in healing. Ayurvedic therapies include Abhyanga body massage, Kati Basti spinal treatment, Shirodhara oil therapy and Ayurvedic pressure point treatment known as Marma Therapy; such treatments are designed to bring peace and balance to the body and mind, and eliminate toxins. John has also been uniquely trained in the Ancient and Sacred Himalayan Chakra Healing practice known as Chakraprashna. This treatment uses sound, touch, smell and sight accompanied by the healing powders of atomised gem stones and the ash of precious metals to achieve a complete chakra alignment.

John has furthered his knowledge training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Release. This body therapy uses gentle touch to release emotional trauma and reduce pain from your body.

Described as a spiritual warrior, John has various other energetic and spiritual healing training and is able to support your wellbeing on the Physical, Mental, Emotional as well as the Spiritual levels.

John’s passion for healing and bringing balance to all has been his life’s true purpose; his Dharma. His compassion and tolerance empowers his clients to use his knowledge of wellbeing, so that they may engage in fulfilling lives by transmuting ill-health into a state of balance.

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