Creative Therapy

Creative Therapy – Art therapy and Sand play

Creative therapies support you to move beyond just talking and thinking, to access a deep personal inner knowing which can become easily disconnected in day to day modern life.

Accessing this is key to bypassing the ego and our defences to effectively access deeper areas of the psyche for positive, effective change. These modalities are universal and benefit all ages, children through to adults.

Your session

A creative therapy session involves a combination of holistic creative arts based healing modalities, such as art therapy or sand play depending on your individual needs.

It offers an alternative to or extension of the mainstream therapeutic approaches of modern day “talking therapies” like psychology. Inviting your innate creative voice and expression as a guide to help discern your knowledge, understanding and growth.

By working with where you are at and establishing trust and safety, the creative healing space supports your capacity to be with, express out, move through and integrate emotions, experiences or life’s stressors which impact a your whole wellbeing (body, mind, soul & spirit).

Typically in a session there are two main parts of the process

  1. Using creative mediums to express and give form to what you may be presenting with at that given moment
  2. Art image or sand play is explored by the creator and the practitioner to deepen the process, going beyond the present moment

No artistic skills are required to benefit from this approach. With the focus being on the process not the artistic outcome, there’s no right or wrong way to use the materials or express yourself.

The approach is process-oriented, person-centred, body centred, multimodal and experiential.

Processes are designed with recovery-centred care to enhance

  • Harnessing sense of self
  • Mindfulness using meditative practices
  • Identifying strengths & values
  • Self-reflection, grown self awareness
  • One’s connectedness of self and others

About your practitioner

Bronwen Iferd


Initial Expressive Arts Consultation
75min $165
Follow up Expressive Arts Consultation
60min $140

Please Note: Concessions are available, contact us for more info.

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