Hypnohealing uses hypnosis – an altered state of awareness where you feel completely relaxed mentally, physically and emotionally.

It is a very natural state which you experience many times throughout the day. It is similar to reading a good book, watching a movie or daydreaming – you experience deep relaxation, while your mind is still alert to your physical sensations and surroundings.

Hypnosis occurs when your brain waves enter a slower state such as alpha or theta. This enables you to both recall memories from the past more easily and also use your imagination/visualisation to reprogram the subconscious brain.

Divided into two areas of awareness – approximately 10% of our minds function is conscious and up to 90% is subconscious.

  1. Conscious Mind (outer consciousness): responsible for short term memory, logic, reasoning and voluntary movement.
  2. Subconscious Mind (inner consciousness): responsible for involuntary actions and regulation of your physical body – breathing, hormonal balance, digestion, heart beat etc. The subconscious mind also stores our memories, thoughts and behaviours.

Images are the language of the subconscious mind so we can create permanent change through using visualisation while in hypnosis. Many people choose hypnosis to create new healthy habits such as quitting smoking, eating habits, creating new patterns in relationships.

Healing Ability Using Hypnosis

More than just creating healthy habits, hypnosis can be used to heal the past. In hypnosis we are able help access past feelings in a safe space and aid healing and closure with it in our mind. Because this is all done while in hypnosis, the effect is much more powerful and effective than just talking about it because we are accessing the subconscious mind and changing the neural pathways in the brain. The neural pathways are responsible for your thoughts and emotional reactions to your life experiences. All emotional reactions are a habit we can help re-program in the brain.

You may also experience a third person perspective whilst in hypnosis, also known as ‘becoming the observer’ which allows us to gain a different perspective of the situation. This can allow a new perspective and space for healing, acceptance, forgiveness and increased awareness.

The state of hypnosis is a powerful tool of self-inquiry that allows you to know yourself more deeply and to learn to be more in control of your thoughts, emotions, responses to life and behaviours. Hypnosis enables us to find the root cause very quickly as we are dealing with the unconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that influences and directs most of our every day behaviours without us having to consciously ‘think about it’. When learning something for the first time, like driving, our conscious mind absorbs the new information and, once we have practiced driving over a period of time, it then becomes a function of our subconscious mind. Habits are formed in the same way.

Hypnohealing sessions are conducted in a confidential and relaxing environment. The sessions usually take one hour, however you may need to allow extra time for your first session.

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Initial Consultation
60min $165
Long Follow up Consultation
45min $125
Short Follow up Consultation
30min $85

Standard 3 pack:
3 x 60 minute sessions $450 (value $495)

Addictions & Phobias Pack:
3 x 90 minute sessions $595 (value $675)

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