Māori Healing

Māori Healing Sessions – Romiromi bodywork and Mirimiri therapy

Traditional Romiromi combines deep tissue massage, haemata (pressure point) stimulation and body alignment to release tension and blocked extraneous dense energy from your overall holistic wellbeing. Romiromi stimulates internal organs, removes toxic waste removal, tension and pain, reprogramming the cellular memories with positive energy and vitality.

Mirimiri is the tuakana elder and supports Romiromi whilst working on the outer layers of the body and etheric. It is the therapeutic massage and mirimiri kōrero (talking with insight) to help the body heal itself. Mirimiri safely brings energy into its rightful place to create balance of Mauri (life essence) and wairua (spirit).

About your practitioners


Standard Romiromi Session
90min $185

Long Romiromi or Pūre Session
180min/3hr $365

Romiromi & Pūre Healing Session
4hrs $495

Māori Healing Community Clinic – Romi Romi bodywork

Our monthly Maori Healing Community Clinic offers the public access to our practicing students of Romi Romi – Traditional Maori Healing techniques under the supervision of Jackie Harvey from Pihipono Māori Healing – highly experienced teacher and healer, and Kai mahi (support person) Ky Bernoth.

What to expect:
During your 40 minute Romi Romi session you will be clothed and laying comfortably on a massage table. The techniques involve broad forearm, elbow, palms and fingers – pressure point like therapy – that supports clearing and movement of energy and blockages, old patterns and ancestral karma in the body and spirit.


40 minute healing sessions
Available at 10am, 10.45am, 11.30am and 12.15pm
$40 per 40 minute session

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