Movement & Resistance

Movement & Resistance training sessions offer you access to specialised and experienced trainers in Functional Movement and Metabolic Resistance.

These 45minute classes include exercise that is based on real world body movement, improving overall body strength, metabolism and fat burning, reducing risk of injuries, and also improves sports performance. You don’t need to be an athlete to do these sessions, they are for every “body”, they are safe and effective, and all fitness and strength levels are welcome.

Session Types

Metabolic Resistance
30minutes of higher intensity and 15minutes of stretch and release work, the workouts layer multiple exercises together, actively resting one group while working another group. These sessions improve overall body tone and boost your metabolism for optimal fat burning.

Functional Movement

30minutes of lower intensity Functional movement and strength, three workouts use slower more sustained movements that include multiple muscle groups simultaneously to improve muscle “chain” activation, balance, posture and reduce risk of injuries and 15minutes of mobility and flexibility training for overall better body movement.

Session Structure

Group Sessions (up to 16)
Semi Private Sessions (3-6)
Private Sessions (1-2)

About your practitioner

Roslyn Mallitt


Casual pass $23
6 visit pass $135
12 visit pass $210

Autumn Special

24 visit pass $299 (usual $360)
Semi Private 45min $33 p/person, 60min $44 p/person
Private 45min $88, 60min $110

Train safe, train for life. See our classes page for more information and bookings or make an enquiry by clicking below.

Group Class Rates

Group Yoga & Meditation
Casual class $20
6 visit pass $105
12 visit pass $195

1 month unlimited $110 (value $360)

Group Movement & Resistance* or Qi Gong Classes
Casual class $25
6 visit pass $120
* health fund rebates may apply

Private Class Rates

Private Yoga, Meditation & Qi Gong
Casual 45min class $88
3 pack 45min classes $240
6 pack 45min classes $420

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