Our holistic nutritionists are trained in the detailed workings of the body and its metabolism.

This enables them not only to explain to individuals how their illness may have started but also to design an individualised nutrition and health program, explain how it works, and guide you through it, adapting it as necessary to your own unique needs.

The modern western diet, poor lifestyle habits, exposure to environmental pollution and the excessive use of antibiotics has led to an increase in long-term health problems such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, cholesterol and hypertension which, while still being curable using natural methods, need more complex nutritional approaches. A large volume of research which goes back for many decades consistently demonstrates that methods based on holistic naturopathic nutrition can be very successful in reversing chronic (long-term) health conditions.

We are also trained in the use of standard and specialized lab tests where needed to help tailor a nutritional plan. Many people gain short and long-term relief from symptoms, valuable advice and support in creating optimal wellbeing by following the advice of a naturopathic nutritionist.

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Initial Consultation
75min $185

Long Follow up Consultation
45min $135

Short Follow up Consultation
30min $90

Glow Nutrition Program

This 6 week program is designed to give you the tools to reach your health goals without the need for shakes, pills or excluding food groups. This is not a DIET but an educational program to equip you with knowledge and power to achieve your goals whilst enjoying all that life has to offer and establishing healthy habits.

The 6 week program includes:

  • Weekly consults run by qualified Nutritionist – Greer Calabro at Odonata Wellbeing clinic in Cronulla
  • Weekly body composition analysis – including measurement of body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and skeletal mass.
  • Dietary analysis
  • Nutrition guide and recipes
  • Education on a variety of nutrition subjects
  • Goal setting


Cost $499 (value $799)

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