Wellbeing Consultation

Would you like help and guidance towards your optimal wellbeing?

Are you wondering where to start or where to turn next on the road of your wellbeing journey?

Our unique approach to Wellbeing Consulting means that your personal health and wellbeing needs are always looked at in a holistic and integrative approach. We can help ‘be your brain’ and help you understand the options and services that will be the best possible fit for you for now. Whether it is for a particular health concern, a cleanse program, or simply to achieve your optimal wellbeing, this is a great starting point.

Let us help guide you to the next steps in your wellbeing plan. Our expert wellbeing consultants bring multiple therapy and service experience to their consultation with you. Try our free questionnaire as a starting point to gain a quick view into your health and wellbeing.

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Initial Consultation
75min $185
Long Follow up Consultation
45min $135
Short Follow up Consultation
30min $95

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