Lisa 150 150 Odonata

Kylie is an incredible naturopath and I love that the centre has everything you need for total wellbeing. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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John 150 150 Odonata

Odonata has genuine caring people in their team and have created a wonderful healing environment. Each time I finish a session I feel renewed and ready to take on the…

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Veronika 150 150 Odonata

I met Kylie during a yoga training and straight away was drawn to her beautiful calming energy. I have started working with Kylie to help me improve my circulation and…

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Peter 150 150 Odonata

I highly recommend Odonata for anyone suffering from a range of health disorders. They have helped me on my healing journey with my digestion and adrenal imbalances. They provide such a good…

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