The Gift of Wellbeing

The Gift of Wellbeing

The Gift of Wellbeing 560 420 Odonata

The giving of gifts is one of the oldest of human activities that pre-dates civilisation and goes back to the origin of our species. In cavemen culture the giving of gifts was fairly common and was used to show love and affection towards one another.

The bestowing of gifts was often also used as a sign of gratitude and recognition. Visitors, members and leaders of tribes would show their respect or appreciation for the contributions of those who were an important part of a tribe or to commemorate an important achievement.

More recent health research shows ‘giving’ can mean not just ‘receiving’ but can also significantly boosting your own health and wellbeing. Sometimes amidst the stressful frenzy of Christmas shopping, the idea that giving to others can be good for your health and happiness can feel like a bit of a stretch.
It has however become clear that doing good for others without any expectation of reward – known as behaving altruistically – can give you better physical and mental health and even help you live longer.

The next step once you know the benefits of giving and receiving is in the choosing. This is where we can help. Our Wellbeing Gift Cards are a great solution, offering wellbeing support to someone you care about.

Odonata Wellbeing Gift Cards are available for selection and purchase online or in person. Follow the link below or contact our friendly team to find out more.

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